Tricks of Trump: His best Manipulation Techniques

Sneaky techniques, social domination, logical fallacies, psychological and rhetorical tricks with video footage of Trump

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Tricks of Trump
Online Course

  • 3.5 hours video material
  • 52 video & crisp video lessons
  • lifelong access
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  • Argumentorik certificate incl.

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One thing is clear: Donald Trump is a master manipulator. And if you want to win in life, even if you don’t like that man, you should use some of his brilliant manipulation techniques. And also be able to counter them if you face people like Trump.

In this online course, Wlad Jachtchenko is going to reveal Trump’s best manipulation and domination tricks. And every lecture contains video footage of the President, so you can easily see and unterstand each of the techniques.


Who is this course aimed at?

  • All who want to understand why Trump is so successful
  • All who want to know why he dominates people
  • All who want to defend themselves from people like Trump
  • All who are curious for the manipulative side of language

Tricks of Trump
Online Course

  • 3.5 hours video material
  • 52 video & crisp video lessons
  • lifelong access
  • fast learning success
  • own learning speed
  • Argumentorik certificate incl.

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About Wlad Jachtchenko

Wlad Jachtchenko is a multi-award-winning rhetoric expert, TOP speaker in Europe, author and sought-after business coach.

He has given lectures, trained and coached politicians, executives and employees of well-known companies such as Allianz, BMW, Pro7, Westwing, 3M and many others since 2007. Wlad will help you to increase your powers of persuasion and thereby make you more successful!

Known from

Known from: ProSieben, RTL, Sat 1 | Argumentorik

Course Content

Course content

  • How does Trump get away with alternative facts?
  • What 3 types of manipulation tricks are there?
  • Trump’s psychological tricks
  • Trump’s logical tricks
  • Trump’s rhetorical tricks
  • FAQ on Donald Trump’s success from enrolled students

Section 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: How does Trump get away with ”alternative facts” and lies? | preview

Lesson 2: In a nutshell: How does Trump manipulate | preview

Lesson 3: About the Trainer & About the class | preview

Section 2: Trump's psychological tricks

Lesson 4: Super self-confidence

Lesson 5: Halo effect

Lesson 6:Strong body language

Lesson 7: Strong voice

Lesson 8: Good Jokes

Lesson 9: Playing with the audience

Lesson 10: Counterstrike

Lesson 11: Storytelling

Lesson 12: Slogans & simple language

Lesson 13: Personification

Section 3: Trump's logical fallacies

Lesson 14: Introduction into logical fallacies

Lesson 15: Quoting the “right statistics”

Lesson 16: Personal attacks

Lesson 17: Threats

Lesson 18: Quoting authorities

Lesson 19: Red herrings

Lesson 20: Straw man

Lesson 21: Hasty generalization

Lesson 22: Compliments

Lesson 23: Dark Consequences

Lesson 24: Killer phrase

Section 4: Trump's rhetorical tricks

Lesson 25: Introduction into rhetorical tricks

Lesson 26: Interruptions

Lesson 27: Metaphors

Lesson 28: Repetition

Lesson 29: Framing

Lesson 30: Loaded words

Lesson 31: Neologisms

Lesson 32: “Because”

Lesson 33: Paralipsis

Lesson 34: Ambiguity

Lesson 35: Rhetorical question

Lesson 36: Chiasmus

Lesson 37: Sarcasm

Lesson 38: Exaggeration

Lesson 39: Cliffhangers

Section 5: FAQs about Trump

Lesson 40: Introduction into FAQs

Lesson 41: FAQ1: Is Trump a pretender or is he really competent?

Lesson 42: FAQ 2: How does Trump compare with other successful speakers?

Lesson 43: FAQ 3: How does Trump resonate with so many people?

Lesson 44: FAQ 4: Why do poor people vote for Trump?

Lesson 45: FAQ 5: Why do people follow Trump, although he tells bullshit?

Lesson 46: FAQ 6: How does Trump think?

Lesson 47: FAQ 7: Who is susceptible to populism?

Lesson 48: FAQ 8: How should politicians deal with Trump?

Lesson 49: FAQ 9: Do you have to be like Trump in order to succeed?

Lesson 50: FAQ 10: What’s up with his hair?

Section 6: Last tipps

Lesson 51: Great deal

Lesson 52: Next steps

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More Testimonials:

„Der Kurs ist sehr amüsant. Die einzelnen Techniken werden sehr schön dargestellt, immer zu Beginn mit einem Ausschnitt von Wlad als Trump. Das ist ihm sehr gelungen! Sehr erstaunlich, wie viele Techniken Donald Trump tatsächlich beherrscht — ob bewusst oder unbewusst. Jetzt sehe ich den Mann in einem ganz anderen Licht”


– Michael R.

„Mr. Jachtchenko explained the three main categories of manipulation techniques Donald Trump uses in order to manipulate people. He is doing a great Job! I already knew some techniques, but all in all I learned a lot of new techniques — always with the transition how to use them in real life. I like the style of Wlad explaining things clearly and understandable.”


– Uwe B.

„Super lustig und sehr lehrreich!”


– Jens E.

„A very good overview of Trump’s rhetorical tricks. Plus there is always a video footage of him that proves the points. Totally recommendable!”


– Spiritcrusher

„This course helped me a lot to become aware and understand how I am manipulated by professional speakers and how to deal with it as soon as it happens.”


– Johannes S.

„No matter if you love or hate Trump, this course really nails down his method of manipulating and getting his way. The instructor put a lot of thought into the course, and also explains how to defend against the dishonest techniques.”


– Karl S.

„Well done analysis of how manipulators like Trump get away with it. It’s true that we know more about grammar than about these psychological tricks. Mr. Jachtchenko changes that.”


– Tabea B.

„It was a really nice course. Everybody who wants to know the tricks Trump is using to persuade people should watch that course. The trainer explains the tricks in a extremly sympathic way! Overall I recommend the course without hesitation.”


– Robert K.

„Verständlich, interessant und abwechslungsreich in der Präsentation -super gut gemacht!”


– Harald S.

„Der Kurs ist sehr unterhaltsam und informativ. Die 3,5 Stunden sind kurzweilig. Ich hätte mir ein paar mehr Ausschnitte aus Originalreden gewünscht, das hätte den Kurs natürlich in die Länge gezogen. Deshalb mein Tipp: Im Vorfeld ein paar Videos von Trump auf Youtube ansehen. Viel Spaß!”


– Alex S.

„Dear Wlad, I completed your Tricks of Trump-course. What a unique course! Enjoyed your presentations. Well done! Insightful, inspiring and true. Best regards, Ettienne”


– Ettienne V.

„A very enjoyable presentation of Trump’s tricks, which manages to be both informative and satirical, while staying unbiased in its presentation.”


– Martin Z.

„Empfehlenswerter Kurs mit humorvoller Darstellung von D. Trump und dessen Kommunikationsmittel und -techniken.”


– Spuling

„I won’t tell you I have learnt how to be more convincing and engaging while learning to handle people who are manipulative but you will soon find out..Stay tuned”


– John M.

„Sehr informativ aber auch sehr unterhaltsam gestaltet! Den Kurs würde ich jederzeit wieder buchen.”


– Chris

„Viele gute Tipps — sehr gut vorgetragen!”


– Melanie R.

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