The quality of your communication determines your business success!

The Argumentorik Academy received the award Top Training Provider 2021 by the magazine FOCUS and our online courses received the top grade ‘excellent’.

All our trainers are nationally and internationally distingueshed experts, who are among the best in public speaking competitions such as European and World Debating Championships (Top speakers in Europe, quarter-finalists at World Championships, German champions).

Our trainers will ensure that you and your team will visibly increase your communication skills after only a few hours. Why is this critical to your success? Quite simply: Good business communication leads to better customer relationships and more sales!

You can book us for Business Trainings (in-house, tailor-made), Rhetoric Trainings (in-house, fixed seminar schedule) and Keynote Speeches with the keynote speaker Wladislaw Jachtchenko throughout Europe – in English and also in German.

Our Clients

Rhetorik Trainings | Argumentorik

Trainings | Rhetoric

Equip your employees rhetorically! Our rhetoric trainings (in-house) offer an excellent opportunity to do so:

Whether it is our public speaking course (classic rhetoric), our communications training (crash course rhetoric), the presentation skills training, our conflict management training, the training of quick-wittedness or our argumentation training — we guarantee you an entertaining training with an exciting program and many practice exercises.

Keynote Speeches

We offer your company or organization a rousing keynote speech with the top speaker in Europe: Wladislaw Jachtchenko.

Choose one of our keynote topics from the 3 subject areas inspire people, convince people und business communication and get concise, exciting and science-based insights into perfect communication for everyday professional life.

New food for thought and a unique stage presence guaranteed!

Keynote Speaker | Wladislaw Jachtchenko
Online Courses| Argumentorik Online Academy

Online Courses

With online courses your employees can educate themselves comfortably from the office or at home: Our online courses with already more than 120,000 satisfied participants on the topics of communication, business skills and personality offer an unbeatable advantage because you set your own learning pace and learn from the comfort of your home.

Our online academy offers you many exciting training topics such as rhetoric, dark rhetoric, quick-wittedness and much more.

Tailored Business Trainings for your team

We offer business Trainings (in-house, tailor-made) at your location: leadership training, negotiation training, sales training, employee development, efficiency training and our special Mallorca seminar.

We adapt every in-house training to the special needs of your team in a preliminary phone call and through a participant survey and thus guarantee 100% practical relevance. Whether team building, conflict management, change management or sales rhetoric: you and your team determine the focus of the training.


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known from

known from: ProSieben, RTL, Sat 1 | Argumentorik

Online training for companies

Companies can order individualized e-Learning (in German) from us, i.e. online training in rhetoric, communication, business skills and personality for their employees.

E-learning is inexpensive, concisely summarizes relevant basic knowledge in short video lessons and is ideally suited as a supplement to your existing training program.

Do you already have a Learning Management System (LMS)? Or have you not yet had any experience with e-learning? No problem at all: We can help you in both cases.

5 good reasons for the Argumentorik Academy:

Experienced top trainers

Experienced top trainers

Authorities, medium-sized companies and DAX companies from different economic spheres book us.

Due to our many years of experience, we are very familiar with the communicative challenges of various industries (car manufacturers, banks, consulting firms, insurance companies, law firms, engineering companies, etc.) and can draw on our treasure trove of experience.

The visible success

The visible success

It is not for nothing that companies like Allianz, Pro7, UniCredit Group, 3M, Westwing and many more have entrusted their employees with our rhetoric trainings.

And for good reason: Because 94% found our communications trainings very helpful and would recommend us immediately.

Everywhere in Europe

Everywhere in Europe

We offer our communications trainings and keynote speeches throughout Europe:

from Berlin to Hamburg via Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, also in Zurich or Valencia or in any other European city. You can also book all our trainings in German.

The innovative concept

The innovative concept

With our innovative Argumentorik concept you will learn how to effectively combine expressive language and impressive reasoning.

So that you not only inspire your audience, but also convince with content.

We help fast

We help fast

If you would like to book a rhetoric training (in-house), a business training (in-house), the keynote speaker Wladislaw Jachtchenko or e-learning for companies (in German) – we will be at your side quickly.

Please do not hesitate and use our contact form or just give us a call on +49(0)89/95 73 11 51. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our philosophy

“Rhetoric without arguments is empty — arguments without rhetoric are lame.”

Only through a meaningful synthesis of reasoning and rhetoric a speech really becomes convincing.

The Argumentorik Academy attaches equal importance to reasoning and rhetoric. And thus creates the necessary synthesis of expressive language and impressive reasoning.

Rhetoric Training:

Argumentative rhetoric as a benchmark

The motto of the Argumentorik Academy is: No rhetoric without reasoning — No reasoning without rhetoric!

Because rhetoric makes the language more beautiful — and reasoning makes the speech more profound. A good speaker will do both well. And tries to reconcile both.

Too much rhetoric — and the speech seems contrived. Too much reasoning — and the speech overwhelms the audience.

And how do you find the necessary measure between reasoning and rhetoric? That’s what our Argumentorik trainers show you.

About the use of rhetorical skills

& argumentative skills

With a rhetoric training (in-house) or a tailor-made business training (in-house) your employees will communicate more confidently and convince your customers more quickly.

Rhetorical skills increase your influence and guarantee you and your team more success. Whether you want to give a presentation in front of a team, speak in front of a big audience, convince customers or motivate employees as an executive — your ability to communicate plays a decisive role everywhere.

Therefore, a communications training is a smart and long-term investment.

Your trainers

Wladislaw Jachtchenko | Argumentorik
Wladislaw Jachtchenko

Business Trainer | Speaker | Best Selling Author

Andrea Gau | Argumentorik
Andrea Gau

Argumentation and Rhetoric Trainer | Lawyer

Valerio Morelli | Argumentorik
Valerio Morelli

Argumentation and Rhetoric Trainer | Mathematician

Daniil Pakhomenko | Argumentorik
Daniil Pakhomenko

Argumentation and Rhetoric Trainer | High School Teacher

Dr. Markus Dankerl | Argumentorik
Dr. Markus Dankerl

Argumentation and Rhetoric Trainer | PhD Physicist

Georg von Stein | Argumentorik trainer
Georg von Stein

Trainer and coach for media training and presentation | Dipl.-Kfm. (~MBA)

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9am – 6pm

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