Better internal communication among employees and better external communication with customers make your company more successful.


With rhetorical skills, your employees increase their impact on the audience and improve their communication skills!

Our Clients

Business Trainings

We offer in-house trainings for companies: leadership training, negotiation training, sales training, employee development, and efficiency training.

We adapt each training to the specific needs of your company. The motto of our high-profile business trainer Wladislav Jachtchenko is: ‘20% theory — 80% practice’!

Theoretical knowledge is conveyed in an understandable way to your employees and immediately practiced in special exercises, role plays and cases tailored to your company needs. Select now down below the business training you prefer!

Rhetoric Trainings

We offer first-class rhetoric trainings (in-house) for the communicative training of your employees and teams: the 2-day public speaking course, our presentation skills training, the training of quick-wittedness, our argumentation training, the conflict management training and last but not least our 1-day communications training.

This can be about holding a PowerPoint presentation, conflict management within the team, stringent argumentation or quick-witted answers in customer discussions: your employees use rhetorical skills to increase their impact on the audience and improve their communication skills. With the help of our rhetoric trainings already visible after one day!

It is not for nothing that 94% of our former participants would recommend the communication training they attended. Our rhetoric trainers are among the best speakers and communication professionals in Europe and guarantee the highest quality in communication and training. Select now down below the rhetoric training you prefer!